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We designed the AutoText app to help reduce the temptation for all drivers to look at their phones and attempt to respond to an incoming text message (English and Spanish menu versions).

We know this is dangerous and most people are at least tempted to respond and many succomb to the temptation.

By having an app that replies for you automatically, with a customizable message, you can let others know that their message got through and why you cannot respond immediately..

Buy Android version http://goo.gl/qCn2O 

Buy Blackberry Version http://goo.gl/VzPZV


What does AutoText do?

AutoText (TM) is a very simple app, available for the Android and Blackberry phones* that, when activated, intercepts any text message sent to you while your phone is on and sends a customizable response to the sender. This way you can let the sender know you are not able to respond and why. It also gives you the option to tell them when you can get back to them.


While driving, or simply being unable to reply promptly for whatever reason, such as being in class or doing homework.

You can let your friends and buddies know their message was received, why you cannot respond now, and when you might be able to back to them.


Improved Driving Safety-Reducing Temptation to be distracted while at the wheel. Peace of mind for parents and friends. Letting people know why you cannot respond

Act Now

Using AutoText is a very inexpensive way of possibly saving lives and certainly making you safer on the road. Please tell your friends and family members about this new app. Got to Blackberry World or Android Market and download AutoText onto your device to make driving safer for everyone on the road. Special pricing for a limited time-Just $0.99.